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24-7 Services
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When locks and keys cause trouble, this is usually out of the blue. It’s more than frustrating to be unable to get in or to lock the door behind you. The important thing is to get a solution as soon as possible.

Lost Office Key Help  

24-7 Services in UKThe most important thing is to ensure that no one will be able to use the missing key to get inside your office. The solution to this problem is lock rekey. It involves changing the pin setting inside the cylinder so that the old key won’t be able to turn the lock. You will get a brand new key and it will be the only one to work. In some cases, rekeying is impossible because of the lockset’s design. In others, the device is too old or outdated. In all of these situations, replacing the lock will be the better solution.

UPVC Door Lock Repair

These are among the most widely used locksets. If it’s not possible to insert the key or to turn it, the cylinder will require repair or replacement. If the bolt doesn’t extend into the door frame, then the locking mechanism should be fixed or changed. Sometimes, it is not possible to lock the door because the hinges are loose or because the weather seals get in the way. With proper door adjustment and repair, the lockset will work just like before.

Car Ignition Change

When you can’t insert the transponder key or it doesn’t turn, the ignition has to be checked and tested. If it is greatly damaged, worn or broken, it will require replacement. This solution is also recommended in case of lost car key. If rekeying is not an option, this will be the only way to prevent someone from using the missing key to steal the car. After the fitting and adjustment of the ignition lock, it should be tested to confirm that it works as it should.

If you find yourself in a lock or key emergency, take advantage of our 24-7 services. We have quick response and short arrival times. Our technicians are fully equipped to repair, rekey and change locks and to replace broken and lost keys. Call us to get help fast.

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