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Choosing the Perfect Lock for Your Door

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Choosing the right lock for the doors in your house is important to minimise the risk of being a victim of burglary. Thieves know that there are owners who overlook reinforcing home security and one way they can assess this is through the security measures owners use to safeguard the premises. With deadbolt installations on exterior doors, though, home invasion is less likely to take place.  To help you select the right lock for your home, here are some tips you can use:

Have a Deadbolt Type Door Lock Installation

Choosing the Perfect Lock for Your DoorThere are two types of bolts that can be used in any door, the one with a latch bolt and the other one, with a deadbolt. The mechanism of the former uses a spring to extend the bolt as the door is opened or the knob is turned. A deadbolt, on the other, hand does not have a spring and is operated with a twist lock or a key. It is also essential to choose a door lock that has high grade classification. Door durability and security depends on the grade classification it has been given. For your front door, choose one with a high grade classification and have a domestic locksmith of your choice for your new lock installation. You should remember, however, that different door  locks undergo different testing standards which implies that a latch bolt getting the same grade classification such as a deadbolt are the same.

Another area to look into is the feature of a door lock that offers key control. There are locks that can be easily duplicated. With key control, you can choose whoever you want to authorize in entering your home. A skilled locksmith can copy the key for and limiting access to your home only to people you trust. This avoids the risk of having a stranger, say a plumber or a car mechanic to make copies of your keys and plan a break in.

As a home owner, it is your responsibility to ensure you are using a suitable and efficient type of locking systems in your property. Find high quality locks and be at peace that installation will be done correctly, it is best to call us, here at “Locksmith Greenhithe”, and a domestic locksmith from our team can help you pick the right locks for your home.

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