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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

There are so many things to consider when it comes to hiring locksmiths, and one of them is credibility. How would you know if a company is credible then? Whilst word-of-mouth is effective, testimonials also work. Check out what our customers think of us below.

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Car Rekeyed for Better Security

I know it’s unlikely that a car owner like me would actually lose his car keys. I don’t know what happened, but I lost my keys, even my duplicate copy. I called this locksmith company in London, as they were warmly recommended by my friend. While they can easily create a new key for my car, they recommended having the locks rekeyed instead. They explained that whoever gets the lost keys would be able to use my car, which is an understandably frightening thought. So they rekeyed my car locks and gave me a new set of keys. I feel more secured and that’s all thanks to their professional help.

New Safe Installation for Jewelleries

My mom gave me some jewellery which she inherited from her great grandparents. I already had some at home, although I just placed them in my cabinet. Since the jewelleries given to me had so much value, I decided to have a safe installed. I hired this locksmith company in London to do my home safe installation. I got a safe with digital lock and the locksmith thought me how to set it. The safe was installed perfectly! I tried opening it with my secret code and it worked. I’m at peace knowing that the jewelleries passed on to me are safe at home.

Boosting my security

"After moving into a new house I wanted to have all of my locks changed, especially for the exterior doors. I mean you just don’t know who has a key to old locks, or even if they are secure enough to keep you safe. So I called up Locksmith Greenhithe after looking at their website and they sent a locksmith round quite quickly. We discussed my options of products, and I selected the UPVC option since it offers better security, and he got to work replacing the locks right away. What a great company."

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