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Top Lock Brands

Top Lock Brands
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Locks have been created since man realized that some properties are more valuable compared to others, and this applies to lives too. From simple rope knots, locks have quite evolved into the complicated array of specialized versions presently available. According to Locksmith Repair Greenhithe, the competitive market forced nearly all locks companies to continuously innovate and come up with greater security features all for the benefit of consumers. Below is a rundown of top brands in the country, arranged in no particular order.These brands have time and time again been the go-to, ever-relied-upon hardware of professional locksmith contractors.

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Top Lock Brands*Yale is almost synonymous with locks because it has been around since 1845. Its founder Linus Yale Sr. started with handmade bank locks but now the company has ventured into other commercial industries and into residential homes, incorporating digital features and wireless technologies. With this longevity in the market, Yale prides itself as “the world’s most favourite lock.”

*Baldwin and Kwikset are both renowned brands of Baldwin Hardware, a member of Spectrum Brands HHI; the first brand caters luxury locksets while the second residential versions. Elegance and luxury overarches these brands.

*Master Lock is probably the most common brand used in homes specifically padlocks and combination ones. Its reliability is borne by a combination of strength and quality of materials.

*American Lock is a top choice when it comes to industry locks. This is always touted as “The Locksmith’s Lock” for its security and durability.

*Weslock focuses on the residential market, offering “security, safety and style” embodied in their products. This brand is largely distributed and preferred for door locks because of ease of installation and refinement in hardware parts.

*Omnia locks are another residential favourite from family homes to apartments and luxury dwelling. As such, this brand tries to set itself apart by producing stylish hardware but not at the expense of functionality.

*Schlage promotes the perfect melding of engineering and design. Also into the residential market, this brand hardly pushes modernization; presently, they offer key-less locksets for your front doors. They also create products to fit commercial edifices’ requirements.

*Mul-T-Lock is relatively the youngest of the brands mentioned here. It was founded in 1973 to cater to institutional and commercial structures such as manufacturing, marketing and distributing facilities. Their products are innovation-driven continuously building on more protection features for their high security clients. Mul-T-Lock is under the same umbrella of ASSA ABLOY as Yale locks.

*Sentry is the top-of-mind brand for vaults.

Consumers searching for a new or lock replacement will not go without options. The brands listed above were already established over a century ago, the youngest being four decades old, and each brand assures quality and reliability.

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