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UPVC Door Locks

UPVC Door Locks
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Multilock doors add so much more to the level of security by combining a number of functional mechanisms into one sturdy and effective device. Also called UPVC door locks, these items are perfect for those who are less than confident in their current settings, and are guaranteed to keep your home, belongings and family members safe from anyone gaining unwanted access. Take a look at the services our company offers for these great devices.

General locksmith services

UPVC Door LocksOur company deals with maintenance, rekeys and key copies for most types of mechanisms because we have a reliable team on call. It doesn’t matter what your needs are, we can cater for them thanks to our impressive collection of skills and tools. But our services go much further than these simple tasks.

Lockout Service

You slammed your door shut but left your keys inside, or forgot them at the office. It happens to the best of us. Perhaps the mechanism has jammed without even considering whether you’re outside or not. It’s okay, there is no deed to panic. Call us for timely and reliable house lockout services and we will have you comfortably inside your own home (or office) in no time.

24 Hour Services

The thing about emergencies is that we have no way of planning them, or telling when exactly they will occur. But that doesn’t mean you need to be stuck until office hours if you are locked out in the middle of the night, on a weekend or a holiday. Our technicians are on call for 24 hours a day, every day of the year. So now an emergency never has to feel like anything more than an inconvenience.

Lock Replacement

There are a few reasons why you could want your locks changed. Stolen or lost keys which can cause problems for your security efforts, having moved into a new home or a recent burglary are just a few. Either way, if you want this service done properly, then speak to us today.

Whether its maintenance, upgrades, repairs or new lock fitting, we are here to give you the best when it comes to UPVC door locks, including door alignment as well. Here at Locksmith in Greenhithe we understand that there is nothing more important than you and your family's personal safety.

So call us today to speak to a technician, or take a look at our website for more information on what we can offer you.

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